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Tips to help you find the best real estate agents for your housing needs

Finding the perfect agent is critical when you are new to the real estate business and want to buy or sell a home. An agent plays a big role in finding you the perfect property or customer during the whole process. With an agent, the process will be faster and more efficient.

Check out these tips to find the perfect agent

Interview the agent

This is the best way to have information about the agent and know if they are qualified for the job according to your standards.  One common question that asked during agent and real estate interviews is ‘what are the qualifications or requirements to be a real estate agent?’  The best agents have an experience, a god rating, some legal qualifications and other type of requirements.

Keep in mind that you are looking for an advocate, not a friend

Just like most businesses, the real estate agency should offer professionalism to their clients. When working with a real estate agent, the main goal is to get one who works towards and supports your end goal in selling or buying a property. If you are a first time buyers, you want an agent who will walk you through the whole process swiftly. For sellers the perfect agent should be able to handle the whole process.

Check for availability of the agent

If you are working normal hours, buying and selling real estate property will prove to be difficult for you. This is why you should hire a real estate agent to represent you as their client. An agent who is working on their own may not be able to handle the whole situation. If you can, hire an agent with an administrative team to work on your deal from different perspectives. An agent with assistants can juggle two or more homes at one go.

Asking past clients for references should help

One way to find a good real estate agent is by finding out their level of expertise, how long they have been selling and buying real estate property and even questions you need answered about your potential real estate property. You can also Google the agent or agency to check out the online reviews and ratings. Comments from past clients will help you learn more about the real estate agent and their character when working with others.

Focus on finding a loyal real estate agent

Besides experience and professionalism, one of the best traits a real estate agent can have is loyalty. The agent should be able to cater to your need and be honest about the ongoing deals rather than focusing on the sale in order to get the commission. They should not try to make deals outside of what you need to cater for their own personal gain.

Make sure they have knowledge of the market and are great listeners

A real estate agent with knowledge of the market will be able to deal with difficult situations like pricing the home correctly, getting the right legal professionals and also finding your ideal home. great listeners will listen to what you have to say and find you the exact real estate property you ae looking for.

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Real estate investment types to explore

There are several categories of real estate investments including debt, mortgage, equity and property ownership. The way you choose to invest depends on the type of real estate investment properties you have. If you are looking to make an investment, two of the most important things are the location and property type. When you are making a final decision, it is best to check whether the shopping mall, residential home, or office has a combination of both factors. The main point to consider is that you should not assume one real estate property will work well in a certain location simply because other properties have prospered.

Income and non income producing investments

The 4 main types of income real estate investments include retail shops, industrial residence, leased and residential real estate and offices. Some of the uncommon incomes producing real estates are parking lots, care housings, storage spaces and hotels. Family houses, commercial buildings that are vacant, and vacation properties are non income producing properties.

Office real estate

Depending on the location, office spaces can be the highest profit producing real estate. The highest market for this type of property is in urban and suburban regions. Office space demand is high in growing population cities. Everywhere there is a company, office space is highly required. Offices are for individuals involved in the insurance, finance, accounting, real estate, management, administration and typically any kind of white collar jobs. The returns from these types of properties are high but the market is sensitive to the economic performance of the area.

Retail property

When you are choosing a retail real estate to invest in, you should consider the structural layout of the building and the location. Retail businesses have many forms and they prosper given the economy and population in the area is good. Famous retail businesses include malls, supermarkets and grocery stores. As long as the shop in the property has market, you do not have to worry about clearing the mortgage payments.


Land real estate is very beneficial in the market. Land will appreciate in value as long as you pick the right location where there is development of housing, infrastructures and population growth. Always consider the potential of growth in an area before you make a purchase of land. There are multiple ways to make profit from land. If you bought a land filled with trees, you can start by leasing it to logging companies and charging them to harvest the trees for timber. One infamous use of land is agriculture. A great piece of land will grow certain crops well as long as it has the perfect nutrients and ph balance.  You can keep it for several years and sell it at a profit.

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings are popular around cities and developing towns. Suburban people use apartments as both single and multi-family housings. Apartments generate one of the highest profits and incomes in the real estate investment field. Consider the location of an apartment building before you make the final decision to purchase the property. Professionals can help with renovations and repairs to increase the value of the property.

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Real estate auctions

Making a real estate investment decision sounds easy until you have to search for the investment properties and make all the financial decisions. Most real estate investors will tell you that making the plan is much easier than taking the real actions. In a seller’s market, property selections are really low.  Finding the right kind of property for investment may be a bigger challenge than you think. The best real estate properties will sell fast, around one or two months after being listed. You should focus on finding the perfect properties at different locations. One successful ways that investors use to get property is the real estate auction

Below is how you can get ready before buying real estate property through auctions

Get information about your local bank. Remember, most homes that are sold at auctions are usually foreclosures. In most cases, the lenders usually want to make a fast sale to get most or at least some of their investment money back. There is a good chance you will find great deals in the auctions depending on the equity of the property. Before attending any auctions, you should let the local mortgage bank know that you are planning to buy real estate property. Some banks will even inform you when they are having a foreclosure.

Check out the real estate in the area for more information on the price of the home. Without any familiarity to the area, it will be difficult for you to know if the property is being sold at a high price. Buyers and sellers love auctions because long negotiations are out of the table. If you buy a home without familiarising yourself first, it is very possible that the seller will ask for a high price at the auction.

Have conversations with contractors who have had projects in the area before. Homes that are being auctioned are sold just as they are. You need a way to get familiar with the potential problems of the house so you can know how much it will cost you to fix it and get an upgrade. Local contractors will provide you with some of the information and most importantly an estimate of how much you will need to fix the house.

Do you know the ins and outs of auctions? Buying property through an auction is not as easy as getting the help from a real estate agent. The two common auction types include the instant auction and auctions that happen over a few weeks. Sellers set the minimum bid and wait for the buyers to make the offers. The bidder with the highest price will get the home when the auction is closed. Some sellers need immediate payment while others will take an instant 5% as down payment.

When you find the perfect home, get more information on the after repair value. Lenders will offer up to 80% of the properties after repair value. The remaining cash is paid in full amount as the down payment. One main piece of advice you should follow when getting property from an auction is to drive by and see the condition from the outside of the home before you make the deal.

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Factors you should consider before buying a Historic Home

While most buyers prefer newer constructions, a good number of them p refer an old historic house. When you decide to buy such a property, it is important to note that you will be charged with the responsibility to maintain its history. This means there will be several restrictions.

Take these factors into consideration as you do your shopping

Renovations headaches

Repairs and maintenance of historic homes are usually extensive. While you want to move into an already renovated house, a landmark house requires maintenance. You do not want to move into a house with a faulty drainage system or roofing leakages due to old age.

 You should have a strategy in mind while buying such a house. Some of the renovations that would affect its design will require permission from the areas of historic house regulations. This means that you cannot just make any changes at your pleasure. A person who appreciates history and knows it’s significant will be best suited for such houses.

Maintenance is expensive.

While maintaining an old house, you are required to recreate its architecture rather than replacing it. Getting these significant architectural designs from the past is very challenging and expensive. A historic home usually dates from as early as the 19th century.

Materials that were used to make such homes are no longer in use.Finding them is, and they are overly expensive. If maintenance costs were not covered in the sales agreement, it would weigh down on you financially.

Restrictions on changes

It is important to note that buying a historical home means that you have to preserve and protect it. A historic house does not belong to you alone, but also to the community. You have to abide by the rules and regulation of the zoning and planning commissions These commissions will have to approve every significant change you make to the house because they retain an immense control on the house. You need to think thoroughly about this and decide if you can follow the restrictions provided.

Nosy and opinionated neighbors.

Being a significant house, neighbors and the community will always be on the lookout. Having the knowledge that your home is still being watched can be disturbing. Neighbors will also tend to bring their opinions and rejections when you need to make changes to the house. Historic homes may not offer you the privacy that you deserve as a homeowner. It is crucial to determine whether you can choose history over your own privacy.

Sudden surprises

While some discoveries while renovating historic homes are good others are not pleasant at all. Due to their age, you will discover many things about the house that may require a lot of time and money to fix. Finding wells and tanks underneath will need more time to remove while asbestos or lead paints that are harmful will require a replacement that is expensive. If you decide to buy a historic house, you should prepare for the surprises

Final word

 A landmark home comes with a lot of restrictions that need to be considered carefully. They also come with pride of ownership, unique designs and value for your property, tax incentives and a sense of community.

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Buying your home in the best location

Buying your own home is also considered a form of real estate investment since the property has the potential to appreciate in value. Not just any home can appreciate in value, buying a house in the right neighbourhood is important if you want to make a profit from that kind of investment. A good neighbourhood should have a record of fast sales. This will help you hold the value of the home and also sell it easily when you decide to move out.

Below are some tips that will help you get a perfect home in the right neighbourhood

Make sure the home meets your specifications. There are various concepts of neighbourhoods that are set depending on what you like. You could e interested in a natural environment with parks, trees and playgrounds or a more modern one with infrastructure, business locations and other modern amenities. Getting to know what you like is the first step of finding the perfect home.

Do you like what you see or hear? Getting to know several neighbourhoods that you are interested in will give you even more information and make it easier for you to choose the perfect place. You can do this by simply walking through the neighbourhood, attending open houses, going to the restaurants and shops and even spending time in the parks and garden. You can go as far as talking with neighbours about the safety, neighbourhood issues, traffic, noise and the general ups and downs of the place.

Look out for improvements in the area; this is a sign that the property in the area has potential to appreciate in value. Personal home improvements like new roofing, good landscaping, good gutters and replaced windows are a sign or property improvement and value appreciation. The infrastructure, roads and businesses in the region tells a lot about the real estate in the area.

In a good neighbourhood, you can spot people out on the streets and the crime rate in the area is low. To some extent, you will feel the neighbourhood is safe when you see people out on the streets going by their daily activities like children walking to school, people opening up businesses or just socialising. You can obtain the crime rate statistic on a certain region from official government and police websites. You can also search the local newspaper to see the statistics.

Do homes sell fast in the area? One indication that the real estate in the area is on demand is when you see fast turnarounds. You can get a professional local real estate agent to explain the market analysis if the region. One sign of fast selling home is a fast growing population in the area. Homes will hold value in some places better than others. Before you make the purchase, you should consider how desirable the homes will be in the future and how fast they can sell.

Lastly, check the walk ability of the area; this defines the walking distance and ease between the homes and main roads, social amenities and other locations. A good neighbourhood should not be far off from the road and town or city.