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Real estate auctions

Making a real estate investment decision sounds easy until you have to search for the investment properties and make all the financial decisions. Most real estate investors will tell you that making the plan is much easier than taking the real actions. In a seller’s market, property selections are really low.  Finding the right kind of property for investment may be a bigger challenge than you think. The best real estate properties will sell fast, around one or two months after being listed. You should focus on finding the perfect properties at different locations. One successful ways that investors use to get property is the real estate auction

Below is how you can get ready before buying real estate property through auctions

Get information about your local bank. Remember, most homes that are sold at auctions are usually foreclosures. In most cases, the lenders usually want to make a fast sale to get most or at least some of their investment money back. There is a good chance you will find great deals in the auctions depending on the equity of the property. Before attending any auctions, you should let the local mortgage bank know that you are planning to buy real estate property. Some banks will even inform you when they are having a foreclosure.

Check out the real estate in the area for more information on the price of the home. Without any familiarity to the area, it will be difficult for you to know if the property is being sold at a high price. Buyers and sellers love auctions because long negotiations are out of the table. If you buy a home without familiarising yourself first, it is very possible that the seller will ask for a high price at the auction.

Have conversations with contractors who have had projects in the area before. Homes that are being auctioned are sold just as they are. You need a way to get familiar with the potential problems of the house so you can know how much it will cost you to fix it and get an upgrade. Local contractors will provide you with some of the information and most importantly an estimate of how much you will need to fix the house.

Do you know the ins and outs of auctions? Buying property through an auction is not as easy as getting the help from a real estate agent. The two common auction types include the instant auction and auctions that happen over a few weeks. Sellers set the minimum bid and wait for the buyers to make the offers. The bidder with the highest price will get the home when the auction is closed. Some sellers need immediate payment while others will take an instant 5% as down payment.

When you find the perfect home, get more information on the after repair value. Lenders will offer up to 80% of the properties after repair value. The remaining cash is paid in full amount as the down payment. One main piece of advice you should follow when getting property from an auction is to drive by and see the condition from the outside of the home before you make the deal.