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Real estate investment types to explore

There are several categories of real estate investments including debt, mortgage, equity and property ownership. The way you choose to invest depends on the type of real estate investment properties you have. If you are looking to make an investment, two of the most important things are the location and property type. When you are making a final decision, it is best to check whether the shopping mall, residential home, or office has a combination of both factors. The main point to consider is that you should not assume one real estate property will work well in a certain location simply because other properties have prospered.

Income and non income producing investments

The 4 main types of income real estate investments include retail shops, industrial residence, leased and residential real estate and offices. Some of the uncommon incomes producing real estates are parking lots, care housings, storage spaces and hotels. Family houses, commercial buildings that are vacant, and vacation properties are non income producing properties.

Office real estate

Depending on the location, office spaces can be the highest profit producing real estate. The highest market for this type of property is in urban and suburban regions. Office space demand is high in growing population cities. Everywhere there is a company, office space is highly required. Offices are for individuals involved in the insurance, finance, accounting, real estate, management, administration and typically any kind of white collar jobs. The returns from these types of properties are high but the market is sensitive to the economic performance of the area.

Retail property

When you are choosing a retail real estate to invest in, you should consider the structural layout of the building and the location. Retail businesses have many forms and they prosper given the economy and population in the area is good. Famous retail businesses include malls, supermarkets and grocery stores. As long as the shop in the property has market, you do not have to worry about clearing the mortgage payments.


Land real estate is very beneficial in the market. Land will appreciate in value as long as you pick the right location where there is development of housing, infrastructures and population growth. Always consider the potential of growth in an area before you make a purchase of land. There are multiple ways to make profit from land. If you bought a land filled with trees, you can start by leasing it to logging companies and charging them to harvest the trees for timber. One infamous use of land is agriculture. A great piece of land will grow certain crops well as long as it has the perfect nutrients and ph balance.  You can keep it for several years and sell it at a profit.

Apartment buildings

Apartment buildings are popular around cities and developing towns. Suburban people use apartments as both single and multi-family housings. Apartments generate one of the highest profits and incomes in the real estate investment field. Consider the location of an apartment building before you make the final decision to purchase the property. Professionals can help with renovations and repairs to increase the value of the property.